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Don’t Procrastinate, Motivate!

You know you’d rather motivate yourself than procrastinate. But it’s not that easy. Sure, you wake up filled with energy and enthusiasm. You’ve made a list of all the things you want to get done.  So long as you remain focused, you will succeed.  However, as the day wears on little things start to distract you; the plans become vague: By nightfall, the goals on your to-do list remain undone.  You go to bed feeling disheartened. Days and weeks go by, your dreams fade and your motivation flags.  You know you could be achieving so much more, and yet…
Sound familiar? Take a deep breath, because positive change can be yours. Hypnosis is a fast, easy and effective way to jump-start your focus, and your life. Using advanced techniques, you’ll learn tools to transform procrastination into motivation that will move you forward utilizing your innate abilities in every task that you take on.

images-1Defeating The 4 Motivation Killers:
Most (so-called) underachieving people fear they are lazy. If you do watch more TV or surf the ‘net more than you’d like to, it’s probably because you’re avoiding doing…that other thing. The one you don’t want to look at. The simple fact is there is another reason for your lack of productivity: What is paralyzing you from taking meaningful action, is fear.
When it comes to taking risks in work or in your personal life, there can be much to be afraid of. Most everyone has, at one time or another, experienced fear of failure, rejection, criticism, embarrassment and even perhaps a fear of success (or the trappings that come with it). And this fear is sometimes enough to paralyze otherwise rational people from taking action.

This is where hypnosis can help. Not only will it help you identify which fears sabotage you; it will also give you tools to recast the very situations you dread, into situations that will powerfully enhance your performance. These are the four major fears that reduce our clients’ motivation to act—and what to do about them
The 4 Fears—And How To Dispel Them From Your Life:

1. Fear of Failure
Hypnosis can help you identify, and then reduce, anxiety around the unknown that accompanies taking the first step toward success. By reframing anxiety into unexplored enthusiasm, you will find new avenues to what is effective, and what isn’t. And then you’ll find yourself making large strides forward, easily pushing fear of failure aside.
2. Fear of Rejection/Criticism
Hypnosis gives you the tools to dissociate from these feelings in a positive way so you know a rejection of your work is not rejecting you—it is merely feedback. If criticism helps you find flaws in your project, perhaps that feeling of rejection can turn into one of gratitude. By creating space between you and that which you are so attached to, you may find you profit immeasurably.
3. Fear of Embarrassment
Most people are influenced by the opinions of their colleagues and fear of being humiliated in front of them. That’s natural. But if that fear stops you from taking a calculated risk in your life, then you’ll never reap the rewards.  We can’t eliminate fear. We can harness it and make it work for us, so when it’s ‘crunch time’ you’ll be presenting the best possible effort you have to give. More importantly, if you’ve given 100%, what others think will be secondary, and not a stumbling block to go for what you truly desire in life.
4. Fear of Success
It seems almost inconceivable that anyone living in New York City would fear success. And yet I often see people who chronically show up late for meetings, lose phone numbers, say the ‘wrong thing’ at crucial moments or engage in other self-sabotaging actions. Using hypnosis we identify the ‘part’ that, whether due to ‘old’ programming or current issues, is acting out.  Once identified, that part is given a new task that is in keeping with the client’s stated goals. We gladly let go of old, undesired patterns so long as we have new ones to take their place. This method helps clients create a future they can work towards.
Become the Person You Were Meant to Be
Great, you’re thinking, another motivation guide telling me that that failure, rejection and criticism are learning tools, embarrassment is a necessary risk, and that I can succeed beyond my wildest dreams with a snap of my fingers. Accepting these terrific ideas as a manifesto and living by them daily is another thing altogether. We agree with you.
That’s where hypnosis comes in.
Hypnosis is a tool that can help you eliminate your fears while embracing a mindset conducive to success. You know it’s not your intelligence or a lack of talent that is holding you back. Perhaps something in your subconscious mind is stopping you from achieving your goals. If so, Hypnosis targets these hidden barriers, identifies them and gives you the tools to ‘reprogram’ that organic computer that is your beautiful mind.
Using deep relaxation techniques we access your subconscious mind, then create powerful actions toward you getting the life you want and deserve.
Note: Hypnosis is not mind control. While you are very relaxed during the session, you remain completely aware of your surroundings at all times. You always hear what the hypnotherapist is saying to you. As a result, you can’t be made to do something you wouldn’t normally do. Hypnotherapy is a safe, drug-free and highly effective way of changing how you think in order to change how you live.

Take Action Today
If you want to live up to your full potential and be the best you can be, Carpe Diem! Seize the day and call us (212) 777-7191 to schedule your free consultation at our office in downtown Manhattan. If you’re out of town, no problem: We can do an online consultation over Skype. Just contact us for details.

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