Spirit Point or Natural Valium?

Spirit Point or Natural Valium?

There are certain points I use with patients whose effect I might explain during treatment.  Perhaps I think it  will interest them, but more likely it’s because I feel the unconscious will soak in the information, thereby assisting in the healing process.   One such point, located between the eyebrows, is named ‘Yin Tang’. That roughly  translates to ‘Hall of Central Dwelling’.

Some call it the Valium point.

Along with being able to impart to the patient a sense of calm, stimulating the point can also  bring  decision-making clarity and even, on rare occasions, spiritual insight to the recipient.

These are the main (read, typical) indications for its use:

  1. Frontal headache, dizziness, eye pain
  2. Nasal congestion, nosebleeds
  3. Jangled nerves, insomnia, hypertension, spiritual malaise

There is more to this point. For one thing, needling the point helps activate the pituitary gland, which synthesizes and secretes endocrine hormones, such as ACTH, TSH, PRL, endorphins, FSH, and LH.

Often the point is considered to be the gateway to the Third Eye. It is the place of the 6th Chakra, also known as the ‘Mind Center.’ This is the zone that relates to wisdom; our ability to place our experiences into greater perspective—in other words, seeing the ‘big picture’ when doing so would most benefit us.

After using this point  clients often report seeing themselves as more  centered for days afterward, with a renewed clarity of purpose.

The name doesn’t matter much, whether it’s called spirit point or valium point: what this point can do is deep and far-reaching.

 Blue Phoenix (Daniel)

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