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After 25 years treating patients in a city world-famous for it’s stress levels, I’ve accumulated more than a few success stories from New Yorkers of all walks of life. Some of them were spontaneously written in my clinic, and some were mailed in months, or even years later.
For a more complete list of comments feel free to look at my Yelp page (17 5-Star ratings) or at my Google Business page (27 5-Star ratings, and counting).


As someone who’s had allergies all my life, with sneezing, sinus congestion, and stuffy head being the standard symptoms, I feel great ever since going to Daniel. I was skeptical at first. But I’d tried shots, and I was tired of all the medications that either didn’t work or had harsh side effects. After just four treatments I started feeling better. A lot better. No more runny nose, no more asthmatic wheezing, I kept going, and my allergies disappeared. And I’m in much better shape all around. Going back every six months for a booster treatment is money well spent. Daniel, I will tell every person I know with allergies about you.

Andrea Gray



I was so skeptical about getting acupuncture for my asthma. But after suffering for over fifteen years, and getting only minimal relief with bronchio-dilators, I made the leap. During the very first treatment with Daniel I was breathing more fully. After six sessions my asthma was eighty per cent reduced. What’s even stranger is that I’m calmer and have better energy than I’ve had in years. I know it’s due to my acupuncture treatments. Call me a satisfied customer.

Ronald S

Great Neck, LI

Back Pain | Sports Trauma

After going to Daniel for lower back and sacroiliac pain for two months, I’m amazed at how much better I’m doing. When I came in for my first session I was desperate, and more than a little angry, after my sport medicine doctor tried to get me on a powerful muscle relaxer. Need I mention that she took all of four minutes in the treatment room before whipping out her prescription pad? Daniel has gotten me off my back, and back on the running track where I belong. For a while there, I wondered if I’d ever run again The proof that he’s doing terrific work is with me every waking moment.

Jerry K

Queens, NY

Back Pain

I’ve been living with a bad back and messed up knees for years. Dan, you’ve done the impossible in 8 sessions. I’m back to running again, and that is amazing. Thank you.

Jen Simons


Back Pain

You did what back surgery couldn’t do, which was to flat out stop the pain I was experiencing at T5-T6. Much obliged, Dan.

Ron Hastings


Breech Baby

Dan – You are a genius! We got all checked in at the hospital and they hooked me up to the monitors and did another sono and guess what?? Baby was in position! I am so thrilled and can’t thank you enough! Let’s discuss hypnosis for birthing! ;)

Jerry K

Queens, NY


After 6 years of being on painkillers, I broke down and saw an acupuncturist in Chinatown. The treatments did help a little. Then someone referred me to Daniel, who she swore by. After two sessions the headaches became less severe and shorter in duration. Soon after I stopped taking anything for them. Now I hardly get them anymore. It makes a difference when your practitioner understands what your problem is. I love the level of care Daniel gives me, and I recommend him to anyone suffering from headaches, or, for that matter, any pain.


Brooklyn, NY


I battled depression and anxiety for over four years. The SSRI’s I was on stopped working, and the side effects —insomnia, reduced libido and eating issues — were bad. Then my sister, whom Daniel had helped with her PMS, got me to go to Blue Phoenix. Using a combination of acupuncture and hypnotherapy, Daniel soon had me sleeping better, and my digestion improved. I began enjoying life again–even my sex drive returned! My doctor is slowly weaning me off my meds. Did I mention that my anxiety levels are down? I attribute all this to one thing: Daniel’s amazing work using acupuncture, hypnosis and even nutritional counseling. Thank you for being able to see what I needed and then being able to provide it.


West Village, NY

Lumbar Pain:

After just four sessions with Daniel, my Lumbar pain is 80% gone. When I think that my sports medicine doctor prescribed a relaxer without even doing a thorough checkup, I’m grateful that I got out of that loop. It’s awful that I haven’t been able to run in eight months, but now I feel confident I can get rid of my pain and get back to training. I really appreciated Daniel’s way of helping me understand the entire process. I felt taken care of, and that’s worth a lot to me.

Barry Levine

Blue Phoenix patient

Irritable Bowel Syndrome:

I know it was the combination of hypnosis and acupuncture that worked for me. My IBS had become a part of my life–and my wife’s too. It’s 95% clear, and that’s good enough for me! It’s been over 4 months now, and after five years of constant anxiety and terrible symptoms, I can say I’m cured. I love you man, you’re the best!


Brooklyn, NY

Fear of Flying:

As I type, I am sitting in the Budapest airport waiting for my flight home. The flight over went well though, and I was happy about that. A little nervousness before each flight but not horrible. I think the sessions helped a lot. Thank you Daniel.




I was someone who just couldn’t get to sleep in a timely manner and basically dragged myself around for 15 years in the work world. Enter Dan, and boom! I’m still not sure how he did it, but the supplements and the hypnosis, he got me into a great place. I’m now more of a day person, and THAT is practically unheard of. Thank you so much, Dan. You truly are the Man!

Phyllis Grossbard

Queens, NY

Breech Baby:

I reached out to Daniel when I was 33 weeks pregnant, after finding that my baby was in the frank breech position – a position I was told was very difficult to maneuver. After having a vaginal birth with my first child, I was immediately upset by the fact that my chances of a c-section had just increased dramatically for my 2nd. My mother in law, who is an acupuncturist in Florida, gave me Daniel’s contact info and recommended that I see him for Moxa treatments and acupuncture to attempt to flip baby in to position. I saw him a few times and although hopeful, I was skeptical that it would work.

‘After my next doctor visit confirmed baby still had not flipped, I was scheduled for an external cephalic version at the hospital just 5 days later. I was nervous about the procedure because I knew there were risks and I would also have to get an epidural. Daniel suggested we try hypnotherapy in a last ditch effort and so I saw him for 4 consecutive visits leading up to the ECV. When I arrived at the hospital for the procedure, they did one last sonogram to check the baby’s position and found that she was head down! My husband and I couldn’t have been more thrilled or surprised! At almost 39 weeks, my baby is still in the correct position for a vaginal birth. I had never heard of hypnotherapy for breech babies, but in my case I feel like it did the trick. I have Daniel to thank for that!


Brooklyn, NY


Not sure how you did it, but after 3 sessions, I am migraine free. Dude!!

Kim James



I was starting to feel like I’d never get off my sleep meds. Your acupuncture and hypnosis protocol did what nothing else could. I’ve got one word for you, Dan: Wow


Brooklyn, NY

Pain: Neck|Shoulder|Nerve

Eight months of horrendous pain. Three treatments with Daniel: Pain Gone!



Nail Biting:

I’m glad to say that I’ve really felt great effects since my hypnosis. I have not bitten my nails since. I still can remember and recall parts of our session that help me day by day. Our session has definitely given me awareness of those moments where I am raising my hand to my mouth or otherwise “about to bite,” and now I can recognize those moments for what they are and keep my composure. I can prevent myself from doing so. I feel I’ve gotten a good grasp on my habit overall and I’m excited in continuing the journey going forward. Thank you again for all of your help!




I’d been getting severe migraines since I was 15 years old, and for the last four years they were hitting me on a daily basis. The constant pain was affecting everything, including my family life. Over the years I’ve taken relaxers, beta-blockers and tricyclic agents. I was able to work thanks to a steady diet of Sudafed and aspirin three times a day, every day. I received weekly Wigraine injections.
I started coming to Daniel for acupuncture twice a week. By the sixth session the intensity of my migraines was down 70%, and I started having three to four days a week without pain. We went to one treatment per week, then bi-weekly, and after three months I am headache-free. I’ll continue to see Dan for a “tune-up,” every 3 months. Whatever he did, it worked. It’s funny, I think my wife is almost happier than I am about my cure.



Pain: Insomnia|Anxiety

Just a quick follow-up note on our hypnosis and acupuncture sessions. As you know, I’ve been battling anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia for six years. The stress was such that I thought I was having a heart attack, and the doctors prescribed Paxil. That helped for a while. One of your former clients raved about you, and I’ll admit I was skeptical at first. After the first session the constant tightness in my chest eased. It took two more sessions before I went into a hypnotic deep state, but after five sessions it all shifted. I continue to feel good, and the self-hypnosis stuff you showed me has helped the insomnia. Daniel, I owe you a big Thank you.



Pre-Surgery Jitters:

I can only say, ‘Thank You’. Somehow the idea of surgery lost all its charge; I no longer was worrying before I went in about the outcome. When I came to, even my sister commented on how relaxed I looked. I was even joking with her. I can see now that going to you was, despite my initial skepticism, the best gift I could have given myself. I no longer am a skeptic: I know this works.




Doctor Dan, thank you again for all you did for me. The treatments were wonderful, especially the last one. I believe you are truly gifted, especially with the addition of the hypnosis. That was transformative! I will sing your praises and recommend you where ever I can.


Pain: Shoulder

Dan’s treatments helped alleviate the symptoms from chronic, recurring pinched nerves I was experiencing in my upper back and shoulders. The pain and numbness that has periodically put me in physical therapy for months at a time, Dan managed to make go away in just a few sessions. I am amazed, grateful and ready to sing his praises. I am an acupuncture convert. Thank you, Dan!


(Language Consultant, Brooklyn, NY)

Pain Control:

I guess I fought the whole idea of hypnosis at first, but I’ve got to say you really helped me through this with the combo of hypnosis and acupuncture. I still use the pain control technique you taught me. Thanks again.



Smoking Cessation:

Hi Mr. Bernstein, Happy New Year, hope all is well. I am proud to report that I am smoke free! Not even one puff or one cigarette. It’s a few days short of five months now. I feel great and have absolutely no urges. I’d like to thank you again for your assistance. You really changed my life for the better. Kind regards,



Smoking Cessation:

8 months ago I came in for an acupuncture/ hypnosis treatment to help with my smoking. I haven’t smoked or even wanted to ever since seeing you. I wanted to thank you for truly changing the course of my life. I’ll send everyone I know your way. Thank you.



Smoking Cessation:

Dan, I’m thrilled I found you. I’d run the whole gamut of products to try and stop. One of your satisfied customers gave me your number. You were incredibly professional, and the combination of hypnosis and acupuncture totally did the trick (who knew!). After one session I had no more cravings, but the two follow-up sessions to nail the door shut and handle the food issues was worth every penny. I haven’t smoked in 13 months, and the 3 pounds that I first put on came off quickly. Dan, this non-smoker thanks you, and my family thanks you



Smoking Cessation:

Daniel–I just realized that I never wrote or called. But wanted to say that I haven’t smoked since my session. I want to say it was September. Thank you. Something worked! Hope you are well, Best



Your one hypnosis treatment did what years of patches and smokenders couldn’t do. I’ve got just three words, for you Dan: Still smoke free! Thank you.


Bonds Trader, NJ

Weight Release:

I finally saw the problem once you explained it to me in a way I could understand it. Diets don’t work because no matter how hard I try to be good, my subconscious has to get ‘with the program’ . Now that I’m off the merry-go-round (and the roller coaster too) I’ve dropped twenty-six pounds using acupuncture and hypnosis (just as you said, the hypnosis got me back into exercising). All I can say is, all of me is with the program. Looking forward to losing another fifteen before I’m done.


Real Estate Sales, NY

Weight Release:

I feel like this is a huge gift. For our next session I would like to work on my palette and that I only eat small amounts of the highest quality foods and getting up earlier in the morning to exercise :)

If I can keep this going I will reach all of my goals!
Thank you so much. I really appreciate what you have helped me do so far.



Weight Release:

Dan – Hope all is well. Just wanted to update you that I am doing good. Sugar, bread and junk food are the past. Feeling good, exercise and green healthy food is my way. I lost 15lb and still going strong. I made a decision and with your help and push – things are good .

I feel good. Leaving tomorrow to see my family in Israel….

Just thought to let you know. Thank you very much. Best,


Real Estate Sales, NY

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