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Our Therapies


At Blue Phoenix Wellness it’s our mission to help you achieve your peak health.  We use Asian medicine, Hormonal Balancing and Hypnosis for pain digestive issues, anxiety, cravings, phobias, and more. This form of working with different modalities towards a common goal is often referred to as integrative medicine. Here is a breakdown of the various therapies we use. 

This 2000 year-old system is beneficial for “Belly, Brain and Pain” In other words, it helps with digestive issues, emotional issues and physical pain.  By stimulating points along pre-determined channels, we affect blood flow, immune function, and address emotional imbalance. The tradition of Acupuncture continues to evolve to this very day. To read more, Click here

Modern medical hypnotherapy has been in use since the 1950’s. It is an effective tool for anxiety and insomnia control, removing phobias and cravings and confidence, among many other uses. We also utilize a modern version of hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming. To read moreClick Here:

Patients tell me they wake up fatigued, as if   I’ve been running all night”. This may be a sign of Adrenal Fatigue. Constant stress leads to hormonal issues such as fatigue, anxiety and food cravings. We use targeted supplements and acupuncture to boost your naturally while checking for environmental toxins such as heavy metal poisoning, toxic chemicals, immune suppressants and food allergies.To read moreClick Here:

Cold Laser Therapy is a safe and absolutely painless modality that used everywhere from Smoking Cessation to Dermatological issues. Often used in lieu of acupuncture pins, CLT can help heal scar tissue. To read more, Click Here:

Once people see magnet therapy in action, they  are often amazed at how well it works, and how healing it is. To read moreClick Here:

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