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Pain Free Birth With Hypnosis

Pain Free Birth Hypnosis

As a Medical Hypnotist and acupuncturist who offers pain free birth with hypnosis, I was intrigued: I just saw this regarding Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge), that she is seriously considering of using hypnosis for childbirth.

I must confess, that as someone who trains women to give birth while conscious and free of pain, seeing hypnobirthing in the news makes me happy. I know that this process is valuable for many, many reasons, and I am thrilled that the news is now out there more than before.

Why use Hypnobirthing?

  • Hypnobirth takes the pain out of childbirth. The way it is in the rest of nature excluding modern, industrialized humanity.
  • Hypnobirth brings babies into this world without pain, without screaming, or forceps, or all of the typical violence that surrounds birth *in this culture*.
  • Hypnobirth places the power back in the hands of the woman having a baby.
  • This process encourages dialogue on the place of medical hypnosis as a viable tool that eases pain and stress naturally, and therefore lessens hospital stays.

I qualified my statement on birth with ‘in this culture’ for a reason. It turns out that the how of birth is culture specific. There are areas of the world where the mother-to-be doesn’t ‘know’ that birth is supposed to be a painful process. Therefore it isn’t.  How is this possible? The more correct question might be, how did a process wherein a woman’s body is in alignment with nature turn into a horrifying event dreaded by every female in the Western world? Certainly it is no one’s fault that this has become the norm; it’s only what every woman has heard since she was old enough to remember. The answer to that question is perhaps wrapped up in the larger question of how the human body is perceived.

But the facts about birth are these: Anyone who has seen animals give birth has seen only a creature doing something naturally easily, and effortlessly.  There is no pain attached to the process. I once saw a home movie by a soldier that had been shot during World War in China. A very pregnant peasant woman was in a rice paddy working. She squatted, gave birth quickly, rested for five minutes and then got up and went back to her work. Moments later an elderly woman came by in a straw-lined cart and took the baby away, presumably back to the village.  It was amazing to watch the expression of calm on the face of the woman giving birth. Certainly we have made giving birth a more scientifically ‘safe’ process, but in the process something has been lost, rather than gained.

The work of hypnobirthing, along with that of Midwives/Doulas have begun to bring back to that most amazing process on this earth, Childbirth, what has been missing from it for too long: A pure, unadulterated sense of joy.


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