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Pain-Free Childbirth

Pain-Free Childbirth

Hypnobirthing refers to a hypnosis program also known as Pain-Free Childbirth. Over four sessions the mother-to-be retakes power over her body and her mind, while choosing how her new baby will enter into the world.  Although pain-free childbirth has been with us since the dawn of time, this effective technique has been used since the mid-1970’s. A certified hypnotist teaches the client how to give birth free of discomfort, and without the hypnotist having to be present during the birth. By learning to anesthetize herself easily and quickly, the mother-to-be becomes a joyful participant in the birth of her images-2child rather than unconscious, or terror-stricken and in a state of pain. 

  • Pain-free Childbirth takes pain, fear and even discomfort out of childbirth. What remains is typically great joy. 
  • The child enters the world free of physical or emotional trauma and violence that typically surrounds birth.
  • The power of giving birth–something a man can never experience–under her own terms returns to the mother where, until the last several centuries, it had always been. 

Watch  this TV Video on Hypnobirthing.

How does Hypnobirth work?

Session I:
A. Every journey has a beginning, and an end. The end will be the birth of a beautiful, healthy baby. We begin by gently deprogramming the mother-to-be, replacing words such as pain, labor, labor pains and other such phrases that send the body the wrong message, with new words and sensory images. 
B. In an initial session we demonstrate the ease with which hypnosis works, and that anesthesia is an ability that we all possess. 
C.  The client learns a technique for going into deep trance on her own (self-hypnosis). She receives a recording to listen to daily, and clear instructions on practicing this new ability daily (5-10 minutes a day is plenty) to gain the skill for self-hypnosis. 

Session II
A. Having practiced this technique daily, the mother-to-be demonstrates to the practitioner her ability to hypnotize herself deeply and quickly. 
B. The practitioner teaches her a second technique, Waking Hypnosis. In this state she will still be in a state of trance and  yet, if she so chooses, present for the birth of her baby. She will be able to laugh, talk with her partner, move around and so on, while anesthetized from mid-chest to mid-thigh throughout the process.

Session III
A. Again the client is tested. This time it is to make sure she can create self-hypnosis, self-anesthesia and Waking Hypnosis.        B. Any work that needs to be emphasized is done before moving forward. By now she is in control of her body, and her mind. With what she now knows, she could have the baby easily and effortlessly. There is fine tuning of what she has learned. 

Session IV

A. The client demonstrates the skills she learned in sessions 1, 2 and 3. By now she is more than prepared to give birth free of pain (in fact she has been prepared since the 2nd session). 
B. If the client wishes to have someone present at the birth, her husband, partner or friend comes to the session. They receive instructions on how to calmly support the client during the birth process. (While this is helpful, it is non-essential). 
C. Practitioner emphasizes to both parties that once the client’s water breaks, they should go to hospital QUICKLY. Hypnobirths typically take an hour, or perhaps two at the most.  ALERT: Practitioner will not pay for the dry-cleaning if you end up having your baby on your nice, white bedroom rug due to a lackadaisical attitude!  Know that if the client does her part, giving birth can be the most loving, enjoyable gift she will ever give herself–and her baby. 

If you have any questions regarding Pain-free Childbirth, or feel this process might be for you, call us at (212) 777-7191 for a free consultation.

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