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Past Life Regression Hypnosis: Healing Journey

Past Life Regression Hypnosis: Healing Journey

At times an acupuncture client will ask me about hypnotism. Having rehashed an issue to death with a talk therapist without resolution, they want to know whether Past Life Regression (PLR) might help them. The two most common questions regarding PLR that I get are: ‘Does it work?’ and, ‘Do you have to believe in PLR for it work?’

Valid questions, both.

First, a little about Hypnotism: It’s rooted in the principle that our subconscious is inherently an engine for positive change. In PLR we use this precept to help guide the client in their search. I use the word ‘search,’ because the client embarking on a PLR session is almost always on a journey of self-discovery, to uncover a missing piece of the puzzle that is their psyche, or present ‘story’.

As an adventure into self-knowledge, PLR is an uncommonly powerful tool that bridges the client’s subconscious creative gifts with his or her own healing potential. Most practitioners of PLR, myself included, feel it is not necessary to believe in reincarnation in order to derive benefits from PLR. All the client has to do is participate in the session, and act ‘as if’. The reasoning behind this, while perhaps circular, holds true: that PLR can be useful, and if we treat it as such the lessons the patient can derive from a session can be meaningful to them.

Taken as a creation of the imagination, PLR still holds value: Dr. James Hillman, a noted psychologist and follower of Dr. Carl Jung, has noted that the client’s therapy is the client’s therapy and not ours. The client suffers from a fiction; that in order to heal, he or she creates a healing fiction that lies within his or her subconscious.

In my own PLR work, the reality of what I saw was vivid and specific, and resonated with who I was. To this day I could not tell you with absolute certainty that I once was that person whom I inhabited for that session. And in a way it doesn’t really matter.

Bottom line: Did I come away with a positive experience? Absolutely. More importantly, that experience remains with me these 17 years later.


Cheers. Daniel Blue Phoenix

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