Post-Menopausal Weight Loss

Post Menopausal Weight Loss

It’s a given that post-menopausal women have a harder time losing weight due to the spare estrogen they store in their ‘tire’. Here are some ways they can help themselves in that arena.

Extra abdominal girth can often be attributed to

  • Intestinal buildup. Remedy: Drink soaked whole raw flax seeds and consume green smoothies)
  • Old/chronic stress leaves cortisol deposits in the abdominal region. Remedy: Extra sleep, meditation, counseling, exercise, etc.
  • Gas. Remedy: Assess food sensitivities, toxins; Add targeted enzymes and pro-biotics.  Eliminate bovine dairy, gluten, sugar, fried foods, starches. Replace with whole and/or vegan food. 


  • Reduce Stress–Disrupts the hormone response that leads to weight gain and retention.  Hypnosis helps a client put the joy back in life.
  • Improve Sleep–Poor sleep puts us back into a state of stress.
  • Improve Diet—Do away with sugar including simple carbs in processed and refined foods. Maintain a balanced blood sugar level throughout the day.

Here’s a helpful article from Dr. Hyman about the “blood sugar cascade”.

Increase Activity! Walking, stretching, and more vigorous endeavors boost weight loss and mood.

 When working with people for weight loss I check to make sure depression is not a sub-conscious component. Some menopausal women are sub-clinically depressed but in denial about it. Reframing the joy of weight loss is essential. Hypnosis helps with that.

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