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Purchasing a Gift Card

Blue Phoenix Wellness Gift Cards allow friends and family to contribute to or cover the cost of treatment for a friend or loved one. You can choose the amount you want to give, add a message and, if you wish, delay delivery until a particular date. There are just a few things you need to know before you buy.

Use them for any treatments. Unused balances can be refunded but there is an admin fee ($30)
Great way to support a friend or family member through treatment or to back their efforts to conquer a habit or phobia.


acupuncture….generally people will already have had some contact with us but all our treatment programs begin with a full initial consultation and assessment. If it is found following this thorough process that our treatments are not a suitable fit for the prospective patient. The balance of the gift card will be refunded without question.

hypnosis. we rely on you to buy responsibly. Gifting health and wellness treatments are probably not the best choice for a complete surprise! But on the other hand your giftee might really want to come for treatment but be unable to fund it.

Fine to use gift cards alongside insurance to top up.

Refunds policy:

How much should I give? You can see our rates here [link] 

How does the recipient redeem their card?

all our bookings are conducted on a highly secure [thingie…Jane], Your recipient will receive an email (you can delay this if you want it to go out on a certain date, like a birthday). When the email arrives they will find instructions on how to proceed and a unique number. Our office will then set up their account for them and apply the credit amount so that they can proceed to book in their first treatment, or if you are supporting them for continuing treatment, it will be available to apply against the cost. First time patients will be contacted by Dr Bernstein for and their initial consultation will be arranged. link to page for gift card recipients…you can see our information page for patients here [link]


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