Quit Smoking Without Drugs. Now

The following is an abbreviated disclaimer for a top Stop-smoking drug. Perhaps you’ll ask yourself while reading it if a person exhibiting these symptoms belongs in your workplace–or in your head.

…Changes in behavior, hostility, agitation, depressed mood, suicidal thoughts or actions while using CH**IX. Some people had these symptoms when they began taking CH**X, and others developed them after several weeks of treatment or after stopping CH**IX…Anxiety, panic, aggression, anger, mania, abnormal sensations, hallucinations, paranoia, or confusion…may worsen while taking CH**IX…Serious allergic or skin reaction…Life-threatening rash. Redness, and peeling of the skin…swelling of the face, mouth, and throat…can cause trouble breathing…”

For more information on Chantix and other pharmaceuticals’ 9% success rate, look at this website: //whyquit.com/pr/082506.html


So what’s the answer? How about something that doesn’t do those things…like hypnopuncture. That’s right, by combining acupuncture (50% success rate as defined by NIH and WHO) and hypnotherapy, there’s a 65% chance you’ll quit smoking. What’s the catch? It’s not a magic bullet and will require half a dozen sessions. Are you worth that sort of investment? If you say no, you’re wrong.

Contact me with any questions, it’s a matter of life and death.

Daniel at Blue Phoenix

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Insomnia strikes in many forms and for many reasons, each of them personal to the user. Having realised early in his career that insomnia, either as cause or effect, was a common thread in the vast majority of patients he was treating, Daniel Bernstein has made a lifelong study of sleep disorders. Find out more about how the treatment and understanding of insomnia lie at the heart of his work at Blue Phoenix Wellness and how you can repair your insomnia naturally without using drugs.

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