Reduce Mastectomy Pain with Hypnosis

Reduce Mastectomy Pain With Hypnosis

Many patients have found they can reduce mastectomy pain with hypnosis. One way that Hypnosis can effectively lessen the trauma of surgery is by helping patients reduce their stress levels. Stress causes muscles to tighten. And when muscles tighten, the veins contract with them, trapping toxins in the blood. Arterial blood gets trapped and is unable to provide oxygen to the heart. Lymph fluid gets trapped, thereby lowering the immune system. These are just a few ways that stress can damage a patient going into surgery.

Self-hypnosis is very effective for helping people to reframe the pain, to bring it down in terms of how the body experiences is it (color of pain, volume of pain, etc.) In this way, pain is reduced to pressure, making it easier to go through one’s day–and night–without resorting to medications that can be toxic to the body and the liver at a time when it least needs toxins coursing the bloodstream.

On a side note, it has been found that de-stress hypnosis is so effective that it reduces post-surgical costs by an average of nearly $800.00.  I have begun doing hypnopuncture with patients who are going into surgery and getting wonderful results with it.

Here are two studies wherein hypnosis was used with women about to get mastectomies. 



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