Relieve Your Insomnia With Acupuncture

Insomnia is a dysfunction of the mind and body, and acupuncture essentially jumpstarts the body’s core functions leading it back to health. In treating insomnia with acupuncture we analyze the body’s mysteries to discover the causes.  Soon, seemingly unrelated symptoms lead us to create a treatment strategy.
The patterns we see often include:
Difficulty falling asleep; feeling wide-awake at bedtime but listless during the day; anxiety; palpitations; forgetfulness.
Difficulty sleeping; agitation; chest discomfort; dry throat;
Difficulty going back to sleep. Excessive dreaming, easily angered, chest pain/fullness, agitation/depression
Poor, restless sleep. Dizziness; blurry vision, heaviness in head, palpitations.

ClarityMost people have insomnia and other underlying symptoms as well. Thus we treat the symptom and and its underlying cause in order that the body can truly repair itself.

Treatment typically involves using between 4 and 12 tiny sterile pins that are used once and thrown away. We have a map of the body that tells us what area to target. It’s not unlike have a roadmap or grid of a city where the lights are so we can repair them.
Acupuncture ignites the body’s own chemicals such as endorphin to invoke a feeling of deep calm and relaxation. This sense of wellbeing often carries over into sleep time and begins to retrain the body, and mind, to sleep.
With acupuncture we short circuit the anxiety that often precedes insomnia. And while it’s true that life has many ways to intrude on one’s sleep, acupuncture assists the body to overtake the mind’s intensity without resorting to medication.  For a great deal more on sleep see the sister website found here

We gladly accept most Blue Cross and United Healthcare, Cigna and other insurance.

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