Repair The Thyroid Naturally

In testing women who are overweight, we often find hormonal imbalances. Not coincidentally, we find it is the thyroid that is most often in disrepair.  To say this in a different way, women with thyroid issues are often overweight.  When we treat the thyroid, the patient begins to function normally again. As the hormones are regulated, food cravings decrease, and they begin to lose unwanted weight.

As for women who present as hypothyroid, we often find they have been given iodine, without success. It can be tempting to want to stimulate a weakened thyroid, But that’s not the solution. It’s akin to taking an organ that has been roughed up and roughing it up even more. We first want to give it some tender loving, to strengthen it. So we use scan the body, and target which supplements can best repair the thyroid and the body. Only after the thyroid has been sufficiently supplemented do we stimulate it.

As a side note, often women come in for hormonal issues, and the initial culprit seems to involve the ovaries. Before we begin treating the ovaries, however, it is essential to first treat the pituitary, the thyroid and the adrenals. Often, when they are repaired, the hormonal issues resolve.



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