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Meditation Is An Energetic Turn-On

Meditation Is An Energetic Turn-On

In my last blog post I mentioned the two types of meditation that I’ve practiced, the Buddhist style and the Taoist style. If you haven’t read that missive, “Immortality Is Just A Kiss Away”, I suggest you do so before continuing with this one.  In it I mentioned that practicing Taoist style meditation had caused physical changes in my body. What I didn’t state was what those changes were. The two main ones that I will mention—among many, more subtle ones—were:

1) Energy streaming from my hands, partly as heat but more directly as a conductive energy that others could perceive bodily.

2) A quantitative and qualitative jump in sexual desire.

Each physical reaction was, in its own way, surprising. Which is to say I felt the sexual shift, and had read enough to know that it would happen, though not to that extent. But the energy streaming through my hands, and the sheer intensity of it, was a huge surprise. It took being in acupuncture school and working on other students, doing Thai massage and abdominal palpation and getting odd stares from my fellow students for me to realize that, in fact, Taoist meditation, coupled with light Qi Gong was responsible for this. And the energy streaming from my hands was healing energy. People wanted my hands on them—in a healing way that wasn’t going to get me locked up.

The reaction was such that it scared me, and I didn’t know how to control/handle all of the attention, so I stopped meditating for a while. Sometimes, such is life. But the truth of it is that the energy—and they are one thing, the manual and the sexual—is there, in all of us, waiting to be tapped. It takes time and can, for some—myself included—be a frustrating, lengthy process. But I kept up at it, and in the end it proved to be real.  And in the midst of my frustrating process I got someone else started meditating, and within three sessions she was feeling the energy flowing through her–to my chagrin/delight. At times, also such is life.

Since that time I began my practice again.

Here’s how we start the process, whereby we become Energetic Beings.


  1.  Create a relaxed, quiet environment. Wear loose-fitting clothing, especially around your middle. Take off your shoes. Sit with your butt at the edge of a chair. Your back should be straight, and you should be facing straight ahead, with eyes closed.
  2. Begin collecting saliva in your mouth. Don’t work at it, simply collect it.
  3.  Gently massage your third eye (between the other two), 24 times in each direction
  4. Massage the soles of your feet, 24 times in each direction.  Begin to breathe into the soles of your feet. You needn’t understand what that means, imagine it.
  5. Gently get the energy flowing at your umbilicus, the seat of energy in Asian Medicine, by rotating your two open palms in a circular fashion 24 times—men clockwise and women rotating them counterclockwise.
  6. As you do so, begin imagining that you have two clear energetic vessels, one running from your perineum up the center of your front to the roof of your mouth. Imagine the other clear vessel starts at your anus and travels up the center of your back, over the crown of your head and down to the roof of your mouth. Allow your imagination to imagine that the two vessels meet, and that they will sooner or later create a beautiful energetic wheel rotating inside of you.
  7. Place your hands left over right, on your lap. Visualize the wheel.  Imagine that your saliva is like honey and has healing properties. Swallow it, and feel the healing energy of your saliva as it goes down your throat, your esophagus, down into your stomach, small intestine, large intestine and, simultaneously, out to your bloodstream, thereby nourishing your entire body.

That’s all for today. Great work.


If you have any questions feel free to contact me. If you would like private instruction in Taoist meditation, do the same.


Cheers.  Daniel at Blue Phoenix Wellness

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