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Struggling With Sleep?
Take Charge With Hypnosis.

Hypnosis For Sleep

The Natural Solution.

How Can Hypnosis Help Me Sleep?

If you are having problems getting to sleep, staying asleep or both, hypnosis is a viable, natural solution. We all have the ability to take charge of our mind, even if it doesn’t feel that way at times. Since 2005 I’ve provided people with the tools to sleep better using hypnosis. Neuroplasticity, a new branch Neurobiology, tells us that neurons in our brain responsible for change are highly flexible. With hypnosis we utilize that flexibility. Our goal is to give you powerful tools, so you can sleep at the appropriate time, and without a need for medication. 


Take charge of your mind, and your body will follow.

Blue Phoenix Wellness | 38 West 32nd Street | Suite 1507 | NYC.