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SOV: Save Our Vets

I’ll own up and say there are times when I derive satisfaction, perhaps even glee, when I see the “medical establishment” being brought up short. Not this time. The article in today’s Times chronicling Vets with PTSD is downright sad. It turns out the meds they are given to combat their problems—whether anti-depressants or anti-psychotics—are no more effective than placebos. It also goes on to state that—wonder of wonders—what does still help our Vets is talk therapy.


Oops. Back to ‘old school’, boys. That must hurt the shrinks who see 5 or 6 vets an hour (writing a scrip is one heck of a lot faster than 45 minutes of having to listen to a man talk about the emotional pain he’s in. And far less messy!) That they get paid 5 or 6 times as much for scrip writing can’t possibly impact on the protocol. So what if the treatment does nothing more than they were giving someone a sugar pill.


And so I trot out the obvious as shooting-fish-in-a-barrel, alternative protocol. In this case, talk therapy is part of that. And while I am not a talk therapist, I can say that Ericksonian Hypnosis qualifies as a form of therapy that can help PTSD  I know because I’ve utilized hypnosis, with and without acupuncture for PTSD, with mixed-to-good results.

As obvious as it feels, I will once more reiterate the simple fact that our health care system is ruled by HMO’s and Pharmaceuticals and—dare I say it—the huge Food conglomerates that are behind giving people toxins rather than food.


Okay, this rant’s done, but the work never is.  Save our Vets!!


Cheers, Daniel Reinaldo B. at Blue Phoenix Wellness

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