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Stop Smoking the Easy Way: with Hypnosis


People ask me if there’s such a thing as being able to stop smoking the easy way. The answer is yes, yes and yes. I did it with hypnosis, and that’s before I become a hypnotherapist. As a stop-smoking specialist, I constantly see people being able to quit nicotine after just one or two session.  It goes counter what many smokers think about that habit. You see, those who haven’t yet stopped smoking cling to the belief that it is the toughest addiction of all to give up.  Of course, that’s simply part of the brainwashing that the tobacco companies have foisted on the public. The simple fact is that if someone isn’t ready to quit, they won’t, and nobody can make them stop. No patch or hypnosis can ‘make them stop’.

Among the things I do to help clients stop smoking the easy way, is I spend time exploring past attempts at quitting and why they failed; I also identify the triggers that need to be avoided. Together we build a plan to break the link between cigarettes and the activities that go with them. We also allow time to grieve the loss of their “best friend” that has always been there for them. I use hypnosis to help make it easier for them to quit and acupuncture to lessen the physical cravings, which last no more than 48 hours. We ‘future pace’ as to how it will feel being smoke-free and how to remain smoke-free.  I encourage the heavier smokers to talk to their doctors to see if they recommend any of the available products to help them– after all, no-one needs to be a hero.


Avoiding People, Places and Things

I recommend that the client avoid the “people, places and things” that were triggers in the past and ask that they avoid alcohol for the first few weeks, as it is a trigger.  I stress the importance of mixing things up — if they are used to having their first cigarette of the day with a cup of coffee, switch to tea, if they have a favorite spot they like to smoke in, move around, etc.

 Hypnosis far exceeds expected outcomes for nicotine cessation.

I also let people know that what I provide isn’t a magic bullet and that if they aren’t ready to quit, neither hypnosis acupuncture or hypnopuncture will make them stop.  I qualify the client before I work with them, and if I feel that they aren’t ready to stop, I won’t work with them.  I tell them that I only work with people who are committed to quitting and it will only take no more than 2 sessions.  I have them pick their quit date, which shouldn’t be less than 2 weeks or more than 3 weeks from away, (ideally 2).  I then have them prepare to quit on the day that I work with them, by doing many of the things I have outlined above.  I tell them to smoke their last cigarette the morning of the day they are going to be seeing me, or the night before, and to then throw away all their ashtrays, lighters etc, as a good faith gesture that they are truly committed to quitting.

Once the client does these things, he or she has a real shot at becoming a non-smoker. Imagine that. 


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