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STOP SMOKING Without Gaining Weight

Stop Smoking Without Gaining Weight–with Hypnosis

Dan is still a topic of conversation around the house, even after four years. That’s how long I have been a non-smoker. What’s been amazing is that my stress levels  are down and I still feel as if a huge weight’s been lifted from my chest. We did all  this in two sessions. It was just that easy.”   Laurence Berman, NY NY

An  Easy, No Stress Way To Quit
Over the last 20 years I have helped thousands of people to quit smoking cigarettes permanently.  My secret? I make sure that my clients truly want to quit, but simply need help getting over that last hump. As a former smoker myself, I tailor my effective and stress free method to fit you. Whether you want to quit with acupuncture, with hypnosis, or by combining hypnosis and acupuncture within the same powerful session, I help you quit easily and without having to go ‘cold turkey’.  

How It Works
Your best chance to quitting for good is by using your own chemistry as well as the power of your subconscious mind. Acupuncture releases Endorphins, a natural occurring chemical that acts as a painkiller to help you let go of anxiety around quitting. This is often a complete treatment by itself but typically requires eight sessions. Hypnosis along with acupuncture is the most effective method I have found over 25 years and nearly five thousand smoking cessation patients. 

I’ve been smoking since I was fifteen years old and never went more than 4 days without a cigarette. It’s been eight months now, and not only do I have no urge to smoke, just the idea of lighting up makes me queasy.  Thank you Dan, for helping me finally kick that habit.
Mikki Lerner, Brooklyn. January 17, 20012

What Will It Cost? 
Before we do the math, know this: in order to save me time and you money, I’ll only see you if I think you are ready to quit. If you smoke 15 cigarettes a day that’s 5 packs a week and 20 packs a month. At 240 packs a year and $12 a pack that’s $2880 a year.  At 10 years, compounded, by quitting you will have saved $30,000. Our rates depend on your insurance, and whether you choose acupuncture, hypnosis, hypno-puncture or Low Level Laser Therapy. Call to discuss how we may help at (212) 777-7191.

The Emotions Of Smoking–And Quitting
Smoking is an emotionally based habit. Over the years, cigarettes have become your ‘best friend’.  But your best friend is slowly killing you.  Using hypnosis, we communicate with  the subconscious mind to resolve this conflict once and for all.  The problem with standard methods—the patch, gum, drugs, even cognitive therapy — is that they don’t address the emotional aspects of the addiction. Often smokers talk about how smoking helps them relax, or to deal with thorny emotions.  Under hypnosis the client receives specific techniques for handling stress or tension in whichever situations most trigger them.  In one to three sessions, the physical–and emotional–cravings dissipate for good.

Disclaimer: Everyone has his or her own unique timetable for quitting. Be sure that you are ready to quit before attempting to do so.

One of my patients kindly wrote this about my services in Yelp:

Hypnosis: The Path To a Healthy, Smoke Free Life
imagesWhether you know it or not, everything you do is governed by two parts of your brain: your conscious mind and your subconscious .  The part of you that is conscious no longer wants to smoke. Intellectually, you know all of the reasons for that. And yet, the prospect of dreadful disease, premature death, the stink and bad breath, the dulled senses and lowered sex drive—not to mention the expense—all pale next to the power of your subconscious, which still believes that smoking is to your benefit. 

In a sense, your conscious mind is a backseat driver telling your unconscious mind which direction it wants to go. Everything is fine until the driver decides it wants to take control. Then your conscious mind is powerless.  And you pick up a cigarette.  An effective way to change all that, and to quit smoking for good, is through hypnosis.

Each session begins as we bring you to a state of deep relaxation. This allows your subconscious to receive beneficial suggestions that lead to going smoke-free permanently. With the proper suggestions to the subconscious mind, nicotine cravings fade away.

“Before working with Daniel, I struggled. I had tried everything including nicotine gum, the patch and the cold turkey approach. My attempts to quit were always defeated by the strong psychological component of my addiction. Daniel helped me to remove the association between smoking and socializing that I had built up over the years. I have not smoked a single cigarette since attending Daniel’s sessions and I am now able to enjoy socializing and drinking alcohol without a burning desire to smoke, even when there are other smokers around me. With his help, quitting has been far easier then I ever imagined possible. I believe attending Daniel’s sessions was what made my final attempt to quit smoking successful”
G. Nixon

More Testimonials? Check out my all 5 star Yelp page:

There’s also this from Yelp: I smoked for at least 25 years. Bought my first pack at age 12- Newports at $1.25. I smoked packs here and there or bought “loosies” until I went to college upstate. No loosie stores to be found- my habit escalated at 18. I have smoked 8-15 cigarettes a day, everyday until 5/8/18.I was ready to stop but the addiction and habitual nuances became ingrained. I emailed Dan and told him that “I was ready.” After work, went to his office (he keeps late hours which is AMAZING!!!) for the first session. That’s all it took! I went in for a second session just to keep it going and haven’t looked back since. You do still have cravings but he gives you the tools to overcome. I will shout from the mountain tops- he is amazing!
“>We Address Your Innermost Concerns About Stopping.

 Will I put on weight?
 If gaining weight is a concern for you, we create a beneficial substitute for smoking that will not leave a void that food would typically fill. If it is okay with you, we can program you to lose weight at the rate of two pounds a week until you reach your target weight. 

 Can I actually fight stress and anxiety without cigarettes?”
You’ll receive effective techniques for confronting any situation far more calmly than you did when you were a smoker. You will also find that the only anxiety that cigarettes calmed was the one produced because of the nicotine addiction. Once that is alleviated, your anxiety levels will go down 50% to 70%. 

Our treatment strategy includes:

  1. A screening process that clarifies your determination to quit smoking (not quitting for a loved one, a boss or for anyone else).  You must want to quit. What will motivate you? Whatever that may be, it is there for you to utilize in our session.
  2. A pre-treatment education that enhances the hypnotic treatment. You will receive 2 recordings before the session that explain hypnosis and how the mind works.
  3. Acupuncture to calm the nervous system, reduce stress and anxiety, and help reduce lingering cravings (Low Level Laser is available for those who do not tolerate acupuncture).
  4. Time-tested hypnosis + Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) produces a deep shift in your relationship to cigarettes.

Dan, I’m blown away. Your one treatment did what years of patches and Smokenders couldn’t do. I’ve just got three words, for you,
Dan: Still Smoke Free!  Oh, and Thank you.

David C., Bonds Trader, New Jersey 2/07/1

Book A Free Consultation

Book a free 15-minute phone consultation at Blue Phoenix Wellness today. This consultation (valued at $90) will give me an opportunity to evaluate your ability to be hypnotized. It will also ensure that you fully understand what is required of you before we proceed with therapy. If for any reason you feel this is not the right method for you, you are under zero obligation to continue. 

When you are ready to regain control of your health–and your life– call us at (646) 922-8998 and schedule your free consultation at our office.  We are always thrilled to add one more winner to our growing army of non-smokers. If you live outside of New York, we can do an online treatment via Skype. Contact us for details. 

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