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Taoist Meditation 3: Turn Off The Dark!

You have returned to earth after practicing your Inner Smile work. Your energy is collected at the navel. You are energized but calm. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, see Meditation Is An Energetic Turn-on and Taoist Meditation 2: The Universe Within A Pearl. ) The reason for having your energy centered around your umbilicus is that you don’t want a lot of excess energy gathered about in the upper zones, such as your heart or your head.


In order to collect the energy, place your imagining power at your navel and see the white pearl of energy there, slowly spinning 24 times, like a small top, about 1 ½ inches deep. (Again, men spiral clockwise and women counter-clockwise). Then reverse and circulate the energy in the other direction for 24 orbits. Oh, and you can do the Inner Smile every morning, and see it produce positive results in your life.

All energetic work begins at the navel; it’s the electrical generator supplying the body with energy. It’s the source of energy: the fetus is linked to the world by its  umbilical cord in a state of timeless now. When focusing on the navel, you can apply light pressure to the area roughly 1 ½ inches below and behind the navel; relax your eyes and tongue, and breathe gently. This allows the power to accumulate around your belly. Become aware of, and briefly massage ‘Ming-Men’, another point that is opposite the navel on the spine.

This is a powerful zone as well, as it generates ‘kidney power’.

After a short time, you can move your index fingers to a second energy center on the front of the body and  along what’s called the ‘Conception Vessel’ or Ren Vessel.  This is at the mid-point of the ovaries on women and just above the male sex organ.  To find the point place your hand flat on your stomach with your thumbs at your navel. Directly below your pinky, in a straight line down from the navel and 1 ½ inches behind the skin, is the point, which later becomes a deep well of energy.

Use your index fingers to apply pressure to the area for one minute. Return your hands to your lap, then repeat as the initial sensations fade. This may cause sexual arousal, which is by no means a ‘bad’ thing. If this happens, use your mind to move the energy back to ‘Ming-men’ at your lower back.  The sexual energy you  may experience can be used to propel the circulating power of your Qi. Initially, however, it’s best to learn to circulate the Energy Wheel without sexual distraction. It’s important to remember that our main goal in Taoist Meditation –aside from alleviating, stress, pain, illness and lethargy–is to use the energy we’re building inside of us for healing and for strengthening the body. Harnessing our sexual energy is one of the primary methods for doing that.

Until next time,

Dan at Blue Phoenix Wellness

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