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Taoist Meditation II: The Universe Within a Pearl

Taoist Meditation: The Universe Within A Pearl

This next part of the learning is a two step process.

First we develop Qi, or healing energy, imagining it as a small, white-hot pearl roughly 1 ½ inches beneath and behind our bellybutton.

Second, we learn t0 move it about to repair internal damage, protect our body from external pathogens and build long-lasting Qi within.

Imagining this pearl is paramount. One technique for learning to do so is termed the Inner Smile, and it works.

1) You sit down; closing our eyes you take three long, deep breaths in, and, exhale slowly. You smile. Experience yourself smiling.

2) Next, you send the smile to area between your eyes that you massaged (If you haven’t read Meditation Is An Energetic Turn-On, do so).  Place your attention there for a minute. It may begin to feel warm, or not. Visualize your awareness of that area.

3) Guide your Smile up between your eyes. Place all of the healing energy of your smile and merge it with your third eye’s naturally clairvoyant energy.

4) Begin moving the smile outward, to encompass your entire body. Experience your smile as an immune bubble surrounding you, protecting you from illness and all external pathogens. Give the bubble a white aura, or a purple aura, whichever you prefer.

5) Imagine your Inner Smile widening, becoming bigger than your head, until it encompasses your room. The energy of your smile effortlessly encircles the room.

With your mind you can continue expanding your smile to include the world outside. Give each area roughly ten seconds, and without ‘over-thinking it’:

Let your Smile encompass your building; your street; your town/city; state; country; continent; world; solar system; your Galaxy; until your awareness has embraced the entire universe.

6) Now that your awareness has encompassed the entire universe (and if it hasn’t don’t worry, most of us don’t succeed at first), you can start doing the same in reverse.

7)Growing smaller now, your awareness circles the galaxy; then the solar system; then earth; next, the continent; your state; your city, next is your street, your building, until it encircles your room and then your body. Now, becoming smaller yet,  it has become the size of a pearl. With all the universe inside of that white pearl, place it 1 1/2 inches below and behind your umbilicus.

Eventually you’ll do the exercise within a matter of moments. As you now have the pearl inside you, we will next begin to heat it up until it becomes a white hot healing instrument at your disposal.

And that will come soon enough.


Cheers. Daniel at Blue Phoenix

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