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Test For Toxins In Your Body

Test For Toxins In Your Body with NRT

● What Is Nutrition Response Testing (NRT)
NRT is a non-invasive system for determining where the body has stopped working to its peak potential, and then remedying the problem. People who qualify for this type of testing often:

    • Have one or more health condition(s) that have become chronic.
    • Have tried conventional medicine, or even alternative practitioners but did not get the results they hoped for.
    • Have conditions that are impacting on personal life, relationships, career or job performance and/or personal finances.
    • Fear that these conditions could continue to worsen unless they do something to change their lifestyle.

How Do We Access the Reflexes For Information?
The human body runs on electrical and chemical signals that are transmitted to and from the brain by the spinal cord and nervous system. By testing reflex points for each organ, tissue, or function we monitor what the body needs. A weakened reflex area–manifesting as a weakened muscle group in response to muscle testing–signifies underlying dysfunction, which can be affecting the patient’s health.

What Are Stressors And How Do I Get Rid Of Them?
NRT often uncovers such stressors as food allergies; immune challenges (fungal, viral and parasite infestations); heavy metals; toxic chemicals; and scars (vaccinations, piercings, tattoos, C-sections, etc.).  One, or several in tandem, can lead to such conditions as severe fatigue, abdominal pain, digestive problems, and skin rashes to name just a few. The NRT practitioner then seeks out the correct supplement to repair the problem.

How Do We Find The Right Supplements?
Once we locate the most affected area and the supplement that will best remedy it, we then muscle test to ascertain precise dosage. If the patient is stronger with two whole food tablets but weaker with three, we know they need two a day and not three. My goal is to have you take as few of them as possible to address your symptoms and restore you to a healthy state.

What are ‘Whole Food Supplements and Why Do I Need Them?
Much of the food that is brought to market has too many chemicals and not enough nutrients.  This can cause huge systemic problems including rapid weight gain, stress, heart conditions, headaches, depression and other conditions.Whole food supplements are derived from whole foods (not extracts) organically grown and prepared in a way that preserves their vital enzymes and vitamins. Only in this vital form can they help the body heal from the environmental toxins compromising our immune systems.

How Soon Before I see an Improvement?
Although every person is different, my patients often report feeling much improved in as little as 4-6 weeks. We all want to be cured of problems that often took a lifetime to build up to.  But leaching out the pesticides, hormones, heavy metals and toxic chemicals that have taken root in our bodies can take time.  NRT makes that possible, however it requires a commitment to the program, and to yourself.     It is imperative that the patient takes responsibility for his or her own condition. If a patient proves to be a Nutrition Response Testing case, the chances of greatly improved health can be as high as 90% or better. Once we accept the case, we commit to helping the patient move back toward the full and abundant life they deserve.

 If you think you qualify to be a NRT patient, call (212) 777-7191 for an appointment.

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