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The Healing Smile And How To Use It

The Healing Smile (And How To Use It)

In Taoist Meditation II: The Universe Within a Pearl, and Taoist Meditation 3: turn Off The Dark, I wrote about creating a Healing Smile within us, expanding it out to the Universe and then bringing it back into our bodies as a physical, abundance-based part of ourselves. Let’s not forget that according to Taoist tradition, having a healing smile was a harbinger of health, wealth and longevity. The reason for this is that Love is the greatest power in the universe (yes, techies, greater even than Apple) and giving Love to ourselves on a moment by moment, daily basis is like consistently having your best friend in your corner; being your greatest advocate and always having someone there who believes in you. Personally, I can use someone like that.

Because all we need to do is look around to know that the (un)natural world around us is set up to…knock  us down, chew us up, spit us out again.

So we move on to utilizing the Internal Smile for therapeutic purposes. Because our body/mind is constantly being bombarded, and needs all the

Love it can get. This system leads to eliminating pain based syndromes of all kinds, including arthritis, myofascial pain, frozen shoulder, as well as anxiety, depression and digestive problems 

We begin by closing our eyes and smiling directly into our eyes. Simply relax and feel a deep, warm smile shine in and through your eyes.  Hypnotists know that by relaxing the eyes we are also achieving two important things: We are relaxing the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems. The sympathetic nervous system controls our fight-or-flight response—it’s our gas pedal—while the parasympathetic deals with ‘rest and digest’, and is the ‘brake.’ Since these two systems are linked to every organ and gland in the body, being able to control these functions has far reaching implications for the health of any individual.

 1. Experience your eyes tingling with the Inner smile;

2. Direct that energy to fill your internal organs with the same healing energy, the Love that you’ve brought up to your eyes from your spirit.  Organize the pathway into 3 separate directions:

  •  The Front Path: Smile down into the eyes, face, throat, heart, lungs,  liver and genital area
  •  The Middle Path: Smile down and direct the energy via your saliva to your stomach, small intestine,  colon and rectum
  • The Back Path: Smile down your vertebrae of your spine, one by one.

And now that we’ve created the ‘map’, we will begin to navigate the path as I’ve outlined it.


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