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In a way it is difficult to state everything that we can treat effectively, if only because the list is so long that it sounds implausible! That said, please read further, and if you have any questions you can write them down and either email them to us or simply set up a free consultation.  But the simple truth is that, depending on what you are interested in working on, we probably can help you in one way or another.

For everything that acupuncture can do, click here.

For ways that hypnotherapy might be an effective solution, look here.

And if you are interested in environmental detoxification or simply targeted supplementation, look here.


Stay safe, stay well, stay home

Because of Coronavirus, Blue Phoenix Wellness is closed for in-person consultations. 

But because it’s NEVER been more important to take care of our physical and mental well-being, Dan is now available for virtual treatments over Skype.

Hypnosis at Home and combined modality virtual consultations can help you deal with the mental health pressures of isolation. Or choose to use this time to conquer habits like smoking or over-eating. Existing patients should also call or email to discuss arrangements for ongoing treatment during quarantine.

We're here to help you.