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Holistic Energy Medicine Treatments

at Blue Phoenix Wellness

Our Treatments

You might be shocked at just how many issues we treat at Blue Phoenix Wellness.  Yes, body and mind are interconnected, but how will that help you? Let’s talk turkey? Or, as we call it, IPADS. That stands for Insomnia, Pain, Anxiety, Digestive Issues, and Stress. To be able to treat all those things, we have at our disposal a powerful healing arsenal including acupuncture, herbs, hormonal balancing and, when appropriate, hypnosis. In this way we can meaningfully address otherwise difficult to treat problems like digestive issues, pain, and emotional imbalances (i.e., insomnia, anxiety, depression and stress).

The core treatment modality we use is three-thousand year old acupuncture. Acupuncture is a non-invasive and painless treatment modality that, since 1995, we have used to help people restore their core vitality and diminish negative issues. Feel free to peruse the site for the various articles that I have written on acupuncture related topics for more information on this powerful healing modality. For those who may be needle phobic but still wish to avail themselves of this healing system, I also use three other methods: heat, low level laser and magnet therapy. For more on low level laser check here. For magnet therapy, look here.

Another modality that we utilize is trance work in the form of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and medical hypnosis. These modalities come to us from Egyptian trance work some four thousand years ago. They often help people with emotional blocks or who suffer from IBS, pain, insomnia and anxiety. Of course, hypnosis is very well known to help with smoking cessation. Over the last 23 years I have helped over a thousand people to quit smoking permanently. In fact, my 82% cure rate is considered to be the most successful rate of smoking cessation.

In addition, at Blue Phoenix Wellness, besides having a full herbal pharmacy, we offer a form of hormonal balancing known as NRT, or Nutrition Response Testing. This is a very focused therapy that few other clinics in New York can offer. NRT is a holistic treatment that combines hormonal balancing, toxin diagnosis and homeopathy to help the body detoxify from environmental pollutants. NRT helps your immune system by identifying, and then getting rid of heavy metals, toxic chemicals, immuno-suppressants and food allergies in a clean and non-invasive manner.

These three modalities together are focused on helping the individual gain peak health. If you would like to a free consultation or to make an appointment,  Please contact Daniel:

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Blue Phoenix Wellness now offers virtual hypnosis treatments for patients new and old in NYC and around the world. Gift Cards are also available.

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Virtual Treatments

Because of COVID-19, we are unable to conduct in-person consultations. Virtual consultations via Facetime are, however, an excellent alternative!

We're still here to help you.