Turn A Breech Baby With Hypnosis

I’m excited to report that I  was able to turn a breech baby with hypnosis (and acupuncture). How do I know? On Wednesday, after I had done a week of acupuncture treatments with my client for just that purpose, she went in for a sonogram. Audrey still had not turned. My client was facing an epidural and a very painful manual procedure. I am an acupuncturist and a medical hypnotherapist, but I’m wary of suggesting hypnosis to acupuncture clients (and vice versa). Nevertheless, I suggested just to her that we use Hypnosis to turn the baby, and that I felt strongly that it would work. Mind you I had not done it before, but I knew the literature.

A study had been done with 200 women with breech babies. Half had gotten hypnosis and half didn’t.  Of those that received hypnosis (4 sessions), 81% turned, versus 26% of those who had not.  Mom-to-be was of the normal variety person: skeptical but desperate. Her exact words were: “I’ll try anything”.

So we did hypnosis four out of the next five nights, knowing that the sixth was E(pidural) Day. For good measure (and with the client’s blessings) I also did acupuncture while she was in trance. I got word later that afternoon on E Day that the baby had, in fact, turned.  The sonogram tech was shocked: In nine years she had not seen anyone who was about to get an epidural not need it.

That alone made my day.

Any questions about how we go about it, just contact me. (212) 777-7191 or [email protected]

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