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Hypnosis to Quit Your Food Cravings

Stop Your Food Cravings with Hypnosis and Telemed

In part 1 of this series on quitting your food cravings, I discuss the five main factors that lead to overeating.  There are many reasons why we may feel a need to eat. Some are emotional, while others may be physiological. We factor in such reasons as low blood sugar, food allergies, unresolved emotional issues, and stress-related eating.

In this section I address how we can use hypnosis to address food cravings due to unresolved emotional issues, and stress-related eating.  People often use eating, and over-eating, as a way to suppress boredom, anxiety, sadness, anger or other unwanted emotions. In integrative medicine we use hypnosis, acupuncture and whole food supplements to address many issues. And while there may be more than one factor involved with cravings, when emotionally based eating issues come to the fore, we choose hypnosis to curb overeating. It often takes between two to four sessions, though it can take less than that. This, in general form, is the protocol I use, although it can vary widely, depending on the individual. Each client who walks in has his or her own ‘story’ that must be addressed.

Once we have done an intake to understand the triggers involved, we relax the client in order to access the subconscious mind. Aside from being the seat of creativity and wisdom, the subconscious is where most healing truly begins. Having done that we:

  1.  Discover the client’s root issue around food and the triggers that set off the bingeing.
  2. Together change that perception so it no longer has a charge.
  3.  Ask the subconscious for positive alternatives to abusing food. (It knows)
  4.  ‘Perform’ hypnotic gastric bypass surgery to curb future food cravings.
  5. Check for other factors that might impede the client from letting to of food cravings.

 This approach by no means lessens the wonderful work of psychotherapy, and in no way is meant to supplant it. However, hypnosis is a wonderful tool to help you quit your food cravings, simply because it provides an effective shortcut within a very specific amount of time—and at a limited cost.

If you are curious about hypnotic gastric bypass surgery, a powerful modality that doesn’t require surgery, anesthesia or recovery, click here. 

In section three I’ll talk about how we handle malnutrition and food allergies.



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