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Weight Loss and Immune Challenges

You might be wondering what the immune system has to do with weight loss. The answer is: Everything.

Chronic Junk Food eaters often have an immune challenge going on in their liver that’s undiscovered. The reason they crave junk food isn’t some sort innate emotional weakness; it’s that they can’t digest food properly. So they’re always hungry, always ‘noshing’ as they say, and this is slowly killing them. Using applied kinesiology (muscle testing) we apply a grid pattern along the liver to check it and usually find a small area that’s a undiscovered bug: And this requires not only a supplement to leach it out, but then a good amount of drainage to get it out correctly so the toxins don’t end up right back in the liver.  And the supplement we put them on depends on whether the bug is parasite or viral. We’ll usually start them on a low dose and build slowly over time.

On the other side of the coin is the person who is eating healthy and still isn’t losing weight. Then we start looking at the pancreas, the parathyroid and the thyroid glands. The number one issue that I see in women–and women age 28 to 55 are my most consistent clients–is thyroid issues. Usually it’s a case where the thyroid is overworked. When tired thyroid is  handled, (NOT with Iodine, by the way, but with several organic supplements that often include Organically Bound Minerals) the client starts losing weight in a normal manner.  It’s a shame when someone is doing all the right things,  eating healthily and getting some movement into their routine still isn’t losing that excess weight. The clues very often point to how the body is processing the food they are taking in. And the problem–and solution–is often found either in the liver or the thyroid, or both.

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