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Acupuncture, Meet Hypnosis For Weight Loss And More

Combining hypnosis with acupuncture is a powerful combination to lose weight in a relaxed manner. Hypnosis is a safe, therapeutic tool that helps clients to

  1. Lose weight
  2. Stop smoking
  3. Reduce stress, pain and anxiety, and
  4. Break free of addiction

The role of the hypnotist is to help the client find lasting positive solutions for unwanted behavior.

Melding hypnosis with acupuncture can strengthen certain treatments, especially with those clients who wish to:

Stop Smoking: The protocol entails three trance inductions and two acupuncture treatment., A high percentage of clients go nicotine-free with this simple program.

Lose weight: Clients typically find me after a ‘surefire’ diet has failed them. Dieting works best when the conscious and unconscious are in alignment.  That’s where hypnosis comes in. New York acupuncture for weight loss, stop smokingThe program attacks the problem through its three components:

●Physically, through changes in nutrition and mild exercise.

●Chemically: Acupuncture helps to eliminate cravings.

●Emotionally: Hypnosis allows the client to substitute food for other protective behaviors that better serve them in the present.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety: Although the syndromes are not interchangeable, hypnosis and acupuncture together help ease the mind’s grip on itself. Hypnosis does this through mental relaxation techniques that reduce tension; Acupuncture works on the muscular and chemical levels to create deep, almost meditative states that can lessen feelings of anxiety, depression and stress.

Break free of Addiction*: Whether one is addicted to drugs, alcohol, or other compulsive behaviors, the unconscious accesses ways to replace it with positive actions, even as acupuncture lessens the cravings.

*Note: This treatment modality is not a substitute for 12 Step Programs, which are essential in dealing with difficult and life-threatening issues.

Blue Phoenix (Daniel)

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