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What Hypnosis Treats

A Basic Overview

Hypnosis is useful as a way to reprogram the mind. It can not only help people Stop Smoking for Good, but also in other areas of your life where you feel stuck. For instance, if you have anxiety, insomnia, or have a tendency to overthink, with safe hypnosis you can reprogram your mind and feel calmer and even get to the root of many problem. In fact, you might be surprised at the things with which hypnosis can make a big difference.     

Debra Couldn’t Get Pregnant:   Debra R. was beyond puzzled: Her cycles had always been regular, but as soon as she decided to try to get pregnant, she stopped menstruating. After four months of going without a period, the 27-year-old physical therapist at Mount Sinai, consulted an OB/GYN who was a fertility specialist. He found nothing wrong with her or with  her husband. At that point she thought, ‘is it possible that my mind has stopped my period?’ At Mount Sinai they referred her to a psychiatrist who suggested she go on anti-anxiety medication. That was when she contacted me to do acupuncture.

We discussed her life, marriage and work for any reason why her reproductive system might shut down. When I suggested that hypnosis might help, Debra bristled. “I thought you were trying to sell me some snake oil,” she later told me. “The only thing I knew about hypnosis is that it’s a Las Vegas act, and not the kind I like.” Since acupuncture can be very helpful in rebalancing the menstrual cycle, we began with that. I also asked her to listen to my recordings on hypnosis.

After several acupuncture sessions she told me they had calmed her down considerably and she decided to give hypnosis a try. I had her close her eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine a wave of relaxation spreading slowly from the top of her head to her toes.

“Imagine,” she recalls, “that feeling you get right before you go to sleep.” As she relaxed more, I had Debra imagine a safe, restful place to visit, which for her was a beach. “Feel the salt air, the gentle breeze,” I said. Later she told me she could not remember having ever felt that relaxed. “I was there, in the room, but somewhere else” Debra told me. “Above myself, looking down, feeling protective, like I could fix what was wrong. It was a powerful feeling.” I had her visualize the day she’d start menstruating. Her period started after the second session. Soon after that she became pregnant. Nine months later, her daughter entered the world.

Dr. Dan Bernstein has helped thousands of people using safe hypnosis. He details this process in his bestselling book,  Rewired For Sleep the 28-Day Insomnia Repair Program.

He has also been at the forefront of combining hypnosis with acupuncture in a groundbreaking system for sixteen years, called Hypnopuncture. And while the two methods are typically used independent of one another, Blue Phoenix Wellness is the most well-known clinic in the North East when it comes to using safe yet groundbreaking therapy for sleep issues. The following list is of just some of what hypnosis treats. Although individual sessions are based purely on your own situation, you can also watch a sample hypnosis video

Hypnosis: Facts and Fiction

What’s happening with hypnosis is quite interesting,” says Dr. Dan “It’s becoming respectable.” An increasing number of physicians are using trance work to ease patients through childbirth (also known as hypnobirthing which Daniel has done extensively) angioplasty, chemotherapy and even full-on surgery. In two talks, Daniel explains how hypnosis works, along with misunderstandings about the nature of hypnosis.  You will find it informative and interesting, especially given the  controversies around Hypnosis. 

Part 1

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Part 2

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Curious about Hypnosis?

This audio recording of a trance induction by Daniel Bernstein is intended to be used purely as an example, and not for actual therapeutic purposes...
Five - 5 best things about hypnosis

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