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What We Eat Matters with Cancer

What We Eat Matters with Cancer

I have been seeing articles lately on how obesity levels and cancer levels go hand in hand. And yet, the American Cancer Society Web site tells us that the connection between weight and cancer risk is ‘complex’.  Apparently, risk increases for women who gain weight as adults, but not for women who have been overweight since childhood. The cancer study recommends 45 to 60 minutes of exercise or physical activity five or more days a week to reduce the risk of breast cancer.  The other recommendation ought to be, lay off the junk food (and that includes salad with ranch dressing!) The obvious implication is that our addiction to junk food is, quite simply, killing us. Nothing new there. So why isn’t everyone behind this news and pushing for a new way to eat?

It has been found that high fat foods create in mice the same addictive qualities as they experience when they are given hard drugs. The difference I see is that we don’t have to take drugs, while we do have to eat. Therefore, ‘bad’ food is harder to handle than hard drugs. How do we get a bead on food?  One way is to reboot the brain so that the person recognizes that he or she is no longer served by eating junk.

What does ‘rebooting the brain’ mean?  This refers to the way our brains work. New information needs to be ‘input’ to replace ‘old information’. Given a choice, the subconscious invariably engages the info that is more positive; the one that will serve it in a healthful manner. Therefore, it’s essential for a mind that has been brainwashed since childhood to go for the ‘Golden Arches’, to be ‘rewashed’ with new patterns that are linked to more healthful eating habits.

And that is why few diets work—the subconscious hasn’t absorbed them long enough for them to stick.  If we are being honest, the pharmaceutical companies don’t want people to change their diets any more than the big food makers do: As an overweight patient’s system starts failing, the physician prescribes more and more drugs on the unwitting patient.  Doctors generally know little about diet (it’s not their level of ‘expertise’), and there is almost no money in it.  So we, the consumers, are being pushed like cows at the slaughterhouse through this faulty Health Care System, until everybody is financially drained. This case of negative programming explains why diets simply aren’t effective for most people. On the subconscious level, the cards have been stacked against them.

The solution? There are many, and they interconnect.  Education is a good start. Since physicians are of no help, let’s petition our insurance companies to help by:

  1. Educating the general populace on how to eat better.
  2. Instituting exercise in the workplace and in school (Japanese style).
  3. Encourage people to drink less alcohol while…
  4. Utilizing exercise, meditation, and other systems to lowering the levels of that other major killer, STRESS.
  5. Take steps to get people ‘clean’ and off junk food utilizing all the above, plus trance and meditation.

There is a war going on for the health of our people. It’s essential that we as a nation change our attitudes towards wellness, and to how we wish to live. Because in the end, our physical, emotional and spiritual health is a function of having a healthy, and loving, relationship with ourselves.


Daniel at Blue  Phoenix

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