Your Back Pain Deserves Acupuncture.


Chinese medicine has been treating back pain for over two thousand years.

The fundamental idea is that, whether you pulled it or simply woke up with it or injured your back, there is a 95% chance that the problem is one of inflammation. The scoliosis or bulging vertebrae has very little to do with it. What we do is get rid of the inflammation.

We may use acupuncture, or cupping, or a combination of the two.

 Acupuncture provides effective long-lasting relief for sports related trauma, muscular pain due to acute trauma, and repetitive stress. We insert fine, sterile needles into pre-mapped zones in the body. This produces its own natural pain suppressants (endorphins) as well as anti-stress and anti-inflammatory hormones. It is a therapeutic option for back/knee/neck pain, sciatica, arthritis, or even crippling migraines. What’s more, acupuncture works by relaxing muscles.  This decreases inflammation caused by the stagnation of old blood and accumulation of toxins such as lactic acid. 

Acupuncture is now used for after-treatment of accident trauma patients. The results include reduced pain, increased range of motion and reduction of lingering suffering. Chronic injury also responds well to acupuncture therapy. However, acupuncture is not magic and often require a series of treatments, especially with longstanding problems and those that have not responded to any Western treatment.

Acupuncture has minimal side effects and almost no risks. We also do cupping at Blue Phoenix Wellness.


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