Healing Scars and Acne, Naturally

Rooted in German research, we use three modalities together to treat scars. Why bother treating scars, you may ask? Scars can be hazardous to your health on many different levels. Often they cut across several acupuncture meridians, thus weakening the meridians and, therefore, the body electric. And not only does this weaken the body, these scars can cause pain both at the actual site and far from the site of dysfunction.   There’s a huge  amount of work that’s been done  on scars that interfere with autonomic nervous system function. The skin is loaded with sympathetic nerve fibers. And a scar that cuts across the body’s  nerve fibers interferes with the body’s energy. And they can accumulate energy. And they can be inactive  for decades. Suddenly they can start firing

Probably the most insidious scars of all the scars are the result from birth. And you’ve also got the Caeserian scars, or the epidisiotomy right on the mid-line, right on the Conception vessel of the acupuncturists. And we  see an enormous amount of women who are suffering from depression, exhaustion, female organ problems; thyroid related problems; who cannot get  well if they have a scar that’s affecting those organs. So it’s important to identify these things in advance, and fix them, and they’re relatively easy to get fixed. The good thing about these  scars is that sometimes they’ll  respond very well to some organic wheat germ oil being massaged into the scar. And the scar could be anywhere.  Sometimes, the scar can be related to an organ totally unrelated to it anatomically, but the communication system of the body is so complex on the outside  of the body that the body will tell you whether that’s connected or  not. The proof of the pudding is that clinically when fix these, the body starts getting better.


There are three highly effective methods for healing scars and acne actually, that both help them disappear, and help the body heal. They are:

1)  Acupuncture

2) Organic Wheat Germ

3) Cold laser therapy.


Suffice it to say that the combination of the three modalities is very effective for clearing up scars and dermatological issues.

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