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Anxiety Relief with Acupuncture


Conquer Anxiety–Naturally.

I have been helping people to diminish their anxiety levels for twenty-four years. Over that time I have honed multiple methods that address both mind, and body, where anxiety lives and breathes. These methods include Acupuncture; Chinese Herbs; Hormonal Balancing; Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Body/Mind balancing methods including Bilateral Stimulation;

How Can Acupuncture Help Me?

 We stimulate specific pressure points along the body to create homeostasis, or balance. Along the way the way the body releases endorphin, a chemical that relaxes us, while balancing serotonin levels. There is often a profound sense of relaxation that occurs from acupuncture that many refer to as how one feels after a massage, but much better.  Along with Acupuncture, I may prescribe time-tested herbal formulas known to calm the mind without knocking it out. 

How Can Neuro-Linguistic Programming Help Me.

  1. Identify the triggers that until now set off anxiety
  2. Break down old triggers and install positive ones that instill feelings of calmness and confidence. 
  3. Use “rehearsal” and “desensitization” so that when you’re confronted with old triggers, or feelings, you can substitute them for new ones. 

  You’ll learn self-relaxation techniques that allow you take action. We replace the old ‘stories’, with new ones that are in keeping with the person you aspire to become. In this way you may see very real change after one or two sessions. Within a few sessions people often find they are acting, feeling, hearing and seeing themselves in a different, far more positive way. This applies to many of the feelings, or states of being that have been holding us back including: 

  • Generalized Free-floating Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Obsessive thoughts
  • Vague Fears and nerves
  • Phobias
  • Difficulty Coping With Stres
Performance anxiety
Worry and uncertainty
Anxiety linked to low self esteem or confidence.

3.  What Other Methods Do You Use?
I find that Meridian Tapping, or EFT is very useful as a tool, as is “Four Step Trauma Intervention”, a form of Bi-lateral stimulation wherein the left and right sides of brain communicate when a panic attack or traumatic event presents itself. These are just two of many techniques that I show my patients so they may combat anxiety. 

Why live with stress or anxiety when you can eliminate it. If you want help in relieving stress, Contact us.  


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